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We found some signs and pictures as the proof of their dating, and you might think of it as just a guess; but after looking through those pics, you will believe too.

If you are her fan and have access to her Instagram account; you should see her pictures quite for time. She might have dated someone during her past days which she does not want to share with the public or media.

She might be keeping it secretive in order to avoid paparazzi and unwanted rumors.

While checking an Instagram account of Gabbie Hanna, she appears to be living lavish lifestyles.

She often posts pictures of herself hanging out in different places.

And in her videos, we can see their love chemistry very clearly.

Check out some other photos of Gabbie with her Vlogging partner, Zane.

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8.15am I've given up coffee entirely with the hope that it will sort out my IBS, and it seems to have helped.

There was yet another pic but that seems to be like they were friends.

In this pic, Zane was pushing the cart Gabbie was riding.

Besides, she also posts pictures of herself getting cozy with several men.