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The song became a top five smash hit in 1992 for Tillis.

The title track made it all the way to number one as the second single off the record. Tracy Lawrence could deliver a song in the vein of traditional country artists from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The two debated about the song thinking it may have too many words to become a hit.The song has a unique beat that tells the story of a family over the course of many years. Together they finally decided that was the unique feature of the song that would make it stand out to listeners.Little Texas had become one of the biggest acts in country music by the time they released the third single from their double platinum album and it would go on to become to the band’s biggest, first and only number one hit on the charts.Little Texas was known as the rock band of country music.The had rocking songs that fans loved, but like many hair metal bands of the late ’80s, Little Texas is most known for their big hit power ballad.

It was the fourth and final single from his 1992 smash hit album has become his signature song.Faith’s career equaled Mc Graw’s at the time and stands as one of the greatest songs of the ’90s.Texas country music sensation Clay Walker has been a star in country music since his 1993 debut album came out.The song is also remembered for the surprise Alan Jackson performance at the CMA Awards.Jones was asked to sing a shortened version of the song on the award show. So Alan Jackson cut off his own performance of in 1996.Kershaw built a solid career throughout the ’90s and never felt bad about the comparisons to the great George Jones.