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The band has released three albums and six extended plays.The name "Never Shout Never" and later "Never Shout Never" originally referred exclusively to Christofer Drew Ingle before the touring band previously referred to as "The Shout" took up the name "Never Shout Never" with Ingle as front man.I was just starting to get pretty good at guitar so it was a good turning point.

Then I saw that interview where he cried at the end and I didn’t realize what I’d done.We were just being rock & roll, we were just drunk and I had taken a hit of acid that morning in the studio and at the time that’s just what I wanted to do.I totaled my car and ended up in the hospital and had to go to rehab.In rehab I saw true addiction from older folk who were going through it.I’m really happy and content and about as chill as a cucumber these days. I like to drink beer but whenever it comes to hard drugs, I really believe that they hurt your body, deplete your energy etc.

the way I look at is that if people are taking drugs, its not for me to say if they can or can’t but what I want to portray to the kids listening to my music is that you don’t need drugs to be high.

There’s so many ways to become a spiritual person and that’s why a lot of people do drugs is that they’re looking for something more and they’re not satisfied.

Even if they don’t know their spirituality, they’re searching for something more and they find it or they think they do with drugs, and that’s what I thought for a long time. I took it so far to a point where I couldn’t take it any farther and if I did, it would have been death. I feel like every person has a reason, a purpose and a destiny.

It was a nice place and these people had legitimate lives and did their thing but they all had insane drug problems.

Seeing that just made me realize that that’s not what I want to be or where I want to be. Now I feel way more high than I’ve ever felt off any drug, just by being me and being satisfied.

I was being young and being a teenager so I thought that was a cool thing.