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Kate isn't the only one getting romanced: Look for both Peter (Nicholas Bishop) and Megan to take dips in the dating pool.

Watch out for messy office politics: "There's a couple of episodes coming up ...that I'm really excited about that have to do with the political dynamics between the two departments and creating rifts between the two departments and making people choose," John Carroll Lynch says."Kate then finds herself thrown into the middle of this already very tense and uncomfortable family dynamic, which she had no interest in being in the middle of, and it involves a teenage girl as well.So it's very awkward and everybody's trying to find their footing in this new dynamic." 2.But I think it's just more interesting to have the relationship that we have," he says.

Lesbians were essentially shut out of ABC’s day at the Television Critics’ Association’s summer press tour Sunday.

2 slot (37%), Lee had little to say: “I was very, very proud of that and it’s a very important thing.”Let’s hope that with more time comes more visibility on the flagship network in the Disney family.

Asked if he’d be more patient when it comes to such bubble shows as Better Off Ted and Pushing Daisies while at ABC, Lee said he’d be open to allowing more time for programming to stick, but that “we’re all slaves to ratings.” During his tenure with ABC Family, he noted that he had more time to be patient and let programming find its audience.

Things are also complicated for Kate because of her lack of parental experience.

"Everyone in the office has to deal with the repercussions of that — even those not directly involved," Ryan says.

"I like the fact that Megan's clueless when it comes to her daughter.