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“I think that if I was going to have to be compared to one person who was once a young actor, I might pick Leonardo Di Caprio anyways.” He’s even gotten the stamp of approval from his A-list doppelganger: “He actually came up to me at a party the other day and said hello.

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On screen, he makes a vivid impression every time he appears.In 1930s gangster film, that truly marked De Haan as one to watch, playing the volatile Jesse, an adopted teen full of anger who has taken to selling prescription drugs and sleeping with older men.“It’s like, ‘Oh, you’re going to be working with really amazing people, but you’re also going to be really rich and famous.’ Ask me again in 10 years.”Dane De Haan is getting used to comparisons to Leonardo Di Caprio.“I get that all the time — ‘You look like a young Leo,’” he says.And for me, that is so much fun that I just look forward to that, and everything else is a really great side effect of that.

I haven’t really reached a certain point where I lose a ton of my privacy or anything. De Haan will also appear in Prohibition-era drama “The Wettest County” with Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce and Shia La Beouf, as well as “The Place Beyond the Pines” opposite Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes.Next summer, he’ll line up alongside Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in We’re sitting in a half-empty hotel bar, just before the evening rush, De Haan coolly commanding a corner seat.He’s certainly handsome enough for Hollywood – sandy blond hair and magnetic blue eyes that have already drawn comparisons with a young Leonardo Di Caprio.So when someone comes up to me and tells me they really like me, I just say thank you.”Of course he says that now. And next month he heads to New York to film writer-director John Krokidas’ Beat Generation drama “Kill Your Darlings,” starring as Lucien Carr opposite Daniel Radcliffe’s Allen Ginsberg.Before all of that, though, he stars in “Chronicle,” an inventive, found-footage-style science fiction film about a trio of high schoolers whose encounter with a mysterious buried object leaves them with awesome telekinetic powers.“What I’ve found about working in movies is that I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who I really believe are successful and are celebrities because they are the best at it. If that means being really famous also, then that’s OK with me,” he says, trying and failing to keep a straight face.After a long struggle, De Haan has finally procured a stable career. So allow us to inform you about his career and net worth.