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Johnson's once-icy relationship with owner Jerry Jones appears to have thawed, with the former congratulating the latter on his Pro Football Hall of Fame selection last year.

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Johnson coached the Cowboys from 1989-1993 and led the club to back-to-back Super Bowl victories over the Buffalo Bills.

He then parted ways with the team due to reported tension with Jones, and the Cowboys won the franchise's fifth Super Bowl under Barry Switzer soon after.

So much for the accusation that the Cowboys are only interested in drafting defensive backs.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys have had very little success in the 2 rounds.

And many of those can only be considered marginal starters.

Of those 142 players, only 7 have been to a Pro Bowl – Tony Tolbert (1x), Leon Lett (2x), Ron Stone (3x), Brock Marion (3x), Marion Barber (1x), Jay Ratliff (4x), and Nick Folk (1x).

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Around this time of year, there are always fans that overstate or understate the commitment of their team to draft certain types of players.

And if you consider that Daryl Johnston was considered an honorary offensive lineman, the count is almost dead even.

Also, the distribution of how the Cowboys have drafted defensive players in the last 25 years could not be more even – 14 players for each level of the defense.

The players may have started a game as an injury replacement.