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Step into a commercial studio with you mentor, and see how these tricks apply to recording sessions with other musicians…Learn more about LESSON 5: Music Fundamentals Building on our previous unearthing of the elements that make up a piece of music, we discuss the form and structure of these materials, and write some music, too!As a production tool, one can use it to compose music without committing to the sound of the instrument, as MIDI is just simple set of messages (primarily notes).These messages, generated by hitting a drum pad or keyboard controller, are the DNA to your musical performance, and once fed into a computer, take on many new and exciting lifeforms.As an electronic music artist or producer your goal is synthesize those elements into a style that is truly your own whether it be used for licensing in film and television or as a part of your live DJ set.

As part of Recording Connection’s fully-immersive electronic music program, you’ll receive private in-person education in a real recording studio or music production room plus remote tutoring from an established music creator.With theses guiding principles in mind, paired with the unique insight your mentor has to offer, you’ll be prepared to walk into any recording session, having greater command over the technology,…Learn more about LESSON 3: Fundamentals II: Analog vs Digital Welcome to Logic Pro X, the standard for electronic music production.We’ll get you up to speed with your new instrument, which happens to be the most powerful DAW on the planet.At the Recording Connection, tutors are standing by to assist with your workflow, address specific issues, and show you all the ways in which you might customize your Logic environment as well as your home studio to fit your needs as a producer. Objectives History of Logic Setting Up Your Studio Logic System Requirements Installing Logic Logic UI Walkthrough…Through careful examination of the building blocks of synthesis, we gain a deeper understanding of the complex sounds we hear on our favorite tracks, as well those inside our heads.