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We pored over Cleveland and Miami rosters from the last 15 seasons to create a 15-man roster that could potentially topple Golden State, selecting the best version of a given player in seasons they played alongside Le Bron.

This might seem like an unfair matchup at first, but if you tried to create a squad of Steph Curry’s best NBA teammates over the years, you’d field a team that largely looks like the 2018 Golden State Warriors with Harrison Barnes, Monta Ellis and Leandro Barbosa off the bench.

Remember Memphis Depay, the 22-year-old international soccer star that was previously linked to Karrueche?

Well he’s been dating Steve Harvey’s 19-year-old daughter Lori for well over a year…

But he’s useful as a backup point guard, particularly on the defensive end.

Korver’s been mismanaged in the playoffs this year by Tyronn Lue, but he’s shooting a higher percentage from the arc than he did last year.

Except, of course, they were being paid by promoters to be there instead of doling out chips and beer in their living room like everyone else who's ever hosted a Super Bowl party.

The sparks didn't fly right away, though, and Union approached their budding relationship with a solid amount of doubt."[Wade's resume] looked like crap," Union told Vibe shortly after their engagement.What, you expected us to take this year’s version after what he did in Game 1 of the Finals?Prime Richard Jefferson would be jockeying for a position in the starting lineup, but Le Bron didn’t link up with the beloved member of the 2016 championship team until he was 35.A glue guy who can play solid defense and knock down threes on open looks from Le Bron.Yes, James and his teammates used to yell at the guard a lot.But today i speak my heart out cause what you have done to me has hurt me in a way i never expected from you,” wrote the ex, a woman named Khalisa.