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Two years later, Langella starred in the film adaptation, which helped make him a popular sex symbol.

He made his stage debut in an off-Broadway production of .

Carrie Snodgress starred as the title character—playing a woman bullied by both her husband and her demanding daughters—who finds escape in her affair with a writer (played by Langella).

(1980), in which he played a mediocre veteran stage actor.

Critic Roger Ebert described him as “appealingly vulnerable and egotistical as the theater’s star performer, always scanning the audience for Broadway talent scouts.” He then appeared in Focusing mostly on theatrical work, Langella played a broad range of characters in the 1980s.

Langella’s character brings in a presidential lookalike to pretend to be the commander in chief.

This political satire enjoyed both critical and commercial success.

Doug Haley and Shannon Makhanian are the casting directors.

Revered actor Frank Langella portrayed Richard Nixon in the Broadway and film version of 'Frost/Nixon.' He's won multiple Tony Awards and received an Oscar nomination amidst a career that's spanned decades. He won a Tony Award for the project, with Ron Howard directing him in the 2008 film version, for which Langella received an Oscar nod as well.

The actor later received the fourth Tony of his career for his role in 2016's Actor, director and producer Frank Langella was born on January 1, 1938, in Bayonne, New Jersey.

(Some sources give 1940 as his birth year.) From an early age, Langella had an interest in becoming an actor.

Langella next pursued another unusual stage role, playing the title character in .