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Thousands of Christians formed a 12-mile long human chain in India's Jharkhand state following church services on Sunday to protest what they say is state-sponsored harassment against the Christian community, according to a report.

A Christian ministry assisting Syrian refugees in Lebanon who have lost everything has said that many Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ, which lifts them out of depression, even as they face great struggles.

This one was for work, and because it was job-related, it became quickly apparent that it would be a waste of time.

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Pastor Chris Conlee had an emotional final Sunday at Highpoint Church, just days after he announced his resignation from the church he founded following the sex abuse scandal of former teaching pastor Andy Savage.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church recently announced an innovative economic partnership with Black-owned banks across the country aimed at increasing wealth in the black community through business development and homeownership.

Ethier's appearance is interesting as it was pretty obvious he wasn't going to play in 2018.

With just 22 games in 2017 (and 16 in 2016), I wonder why Topps decided on the final tribute?

It's not much of a downtown, but the main road happens to be the main artery in the entire county. I felt really sorry for the dog sitting in a portable kennel in the back of the pickup in front of me. There in a supposedly moving vehicle that wasn't moving at all, Series 2 made its debut in the middle of a traffic snarl.

Everyone -- and by everyone I mean every tractor trailer hauling anything from Plattsburgh to Syracuse -- is driving that road through that tiny downtown. I encountered the back of the traffic line way back near the golf course. We stared and stared at each other as the minutes passed, until I realized -- HEY! Believe me, I had time to examine every card from behind the wheel.

I am growing tired of the increasing number of hitters wearing the protective helmet guard across the side of their face. It's also the first game of last year's NLDS against the Dodgers. Perhaps it should feature the Dodgers lined up instead.

I understand some started wearing it after getting hit in the face, I get that. #585 - Brandon Crawford, Giants, image variation My heart sank when I saw this.

Thrown at Coors Field, still one of the most impressive no-hitters in Dodger history in my mind.

A Turkish court remanded American pastor Andrew Brunson back to prison on Wednesday until his next court hearing on Oct.

His dissatisfaction with Kavanaugh's nomination seems to be proffered in such a way as to suggest that black Christians are, or should be, primarily, if not solely, concerned about matters that subjectively fall under the ever-expanding and ambiguous banner of "social justice." Some were more offended by the image of a noose than the fact that those made in the image of God have been slaughtered by the millions.