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between the publication itself and ATWT’s executive producer Chris Goutman, they sort of blew the lid off the ending of the Reid/Luke/Noah story, leaving fans angry, when the following was stated: “Prepare for a tragic, yet heroic, twist to the Luke-Reid romance — one that’ll set the stage for a potentialfor Luke and Noah.” Then, Chris Goutman added, “Without giving too much away, I do think Luke and Noah will always have a deep and abiding relationship.

For July, come and knock on our door; we’ve been waiting for you…Jake Silbermann is fearless; at least he seems to be judging by his resume.Soon after Reid’s arrival, we had a lot of die-hard Luke and Noah fans suddenly rooting for Luke and Reid.It was the best of what soap opera can be.” Jake, can you give me your reaction to this?Once a month, a member of the theater community will pull up a chair to our cyber table and join us for a little conversation.

I’ll edit the transcripts (removing the truly libelous parts) and post the results here every second Wednesday.It’s part of the story even if Noah is not physically there. MICHAEL: So last week, Noah told Luke he was moving to L. And that he always envisioned that the two of them would head out west together. I remember the two of them thought one day they might move to New York, too. (Laughs) MICHAEL: They wanted to go to some metropolis where there were more gay people! (Laughs)MICHAEL: Noah’s blindness was a story for you, but also a means to an end, as a plot device to bring in Dr. But, I also felt like this story really showed that Noah grew up as a man and didn’t just take everything lying down. JAKE: Yeah, Noah can often come off as backing Luke up in whatever he does, and/or disagreeing with Luke, and then cleaning up Luke’s mess.It’s nice to have had Noah go through a little bit more, and be a little less perfect. I am always up for having him being a bit more ruffled up.Their relationship will endure.” Goutman also revealed if the show hadn’t been canceled, Luke and Reid could have been a couple for the ages!“Their connection was immediate, and they are dynamic together!Jean told me that one of the guys might want to get legally married and perhaps have or raise a child. JAKE: Yes, of course, I could see Noah getting married. JAKE: You know, I enjoyed when Luke and Noah were pursuing grandeur causes other then just themselves. I thought the unique thing about is that it could have social impact.