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In 2000, Amanda was featured as character Deputy Mina in the film Cherry Falls.

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That can only be expected to grow as he continues to have success with the films and series he appears in.

He is currently nominated for a Golden Globe award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance in the Netflix Series Ozark.

In 1994, Amanda held two roles - one in the movie Cityscrapes: Los Angeles as character Tamara and one on the TV Series Renegade as character Patti.

In 1996, Amanda played the role of character Nicole in the film The Method.

She certainly has a lot to smile about with a funny husband like Jason Bateman by her side.

Although Amanda Anka has not held a movie or television role in quite some time now, we love that she has had her own career aside from being the wife to famous actor Jason Bateman.Amanda Anka often accompanies her husband when he attends premiers and releases of the films and series he stars in.It is refreshing to see them still smiling together after a long sixteen years of marriage so far.She has been a supporting and loving wife and mother to him and their two children together.It is truly inspiring to see a couple in Hollywood with such a long and happy marriage.The family currently resides in Los Angeles, California.