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If they don’t give you their best, then they don’t deserve your best either. So, now you should know what benching in dating is, as well as the signs to detect it and what to do if you’re benched.

If you’re being benched consistently, then maybe it’s time to try to be more attractive, overall.

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But, it also might mean some time without relationship options.

At least second choice gives you something to do with your time on occasion. If you like the person benching you (at least as a friend) and don’t want to cut them off completely, then bench them for someone else. But, part of dating is keeping your options open, as well. Be clear to your “second choice” that you’re dating around.

Benching can also involve being strung along in any general sense, like when you remain someone’s perpetual second or third option over a long period of time.

Benching comes from the sports world, where, if your performance isn’t up to par, you’re “benched,” i.e.

Silly for sure but there may be a truth to what they are saying. He was rumored to be the boyfriend of Matt Dallas who, last year, did come out as gay.

Matt is now engaged to singer/songwriter Blue Hamilton.However, that guy ended up getting back with his ex.So, the girl in question, having lost her first choice, decided to circle back to her second choice: my client.But, that doesn’t account for completely losing contact with you! Some people genuinely don’t care if they are someone’s first priority.If you think you’re being benched, you have to figure out how to deal with it. Honestly, I find this position to be sad and weak, but, hey, to each his or her own! Likely, if you’re second choice, it’s for a reason and you’re not going to change anyone’s mind by being confrontational.My client experienced “benching”: when a man or woman rejects you for another, more attractive person (in their eyes).