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Kids clap and giggle, Victoria giving dramatic pause, then says, "But only after you're married!

" Victoria goes on to discuss "finger sex, backdoor sex, and oral sex," in her abstinence talk.

It is in this scene we glimpse how damaging this supposedly Biblically mandated purity pressure is on young Kolby.

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According to a study by The PEW Forum on Religion and Public Life, 26 percent of religious Americans self-identify as Evangelical Christians.In comparison, 23 percent identify as Catholics and 18 percent as a mainline Christian.Teryn says that this is what happens when you are raised within a "warped" Christian box.She and her sisters were taught a successful life was predicated on making it to marriage a virgin. She is 17 and adorable with a mouth full of braces. She is the only African-American featured on the show.She doesn't tell her mom about the cute boy who might just happen to be there.

Her mom says it would be all right but that Taylor should ask her dad.But taken to an illogical conclusion, her musing leads to more and more restrictions handed down from her father, the protector of her chastity. She is18 years old and has a beautiful baby daughter. She explains how she went through a drug-addled drunken phase "last summer" where she fell away from Jesus. She confides to the camera that her father told her she couldn't get an abortion because Olivia would be "killing his granddaughter." Her family clearly loves her.Her dad is constantly laying hands on her to pray for her.It is clear from the first scene that Taylor will be portrayed as the sex-crazed teen in the group.At best just the luck of the casting draw—rebellious teens equal ratings.It is revealed to her parents later that Taylor had said this. Olivia has vowed to (now) stay pure until marriage. But Olivia has a horrible secret: She doesn't know who Eden's father is. She shares this information with her two older sisters.