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Ivanka is, like her father, capable of chameleon-like conversions and of creating a powerful public persona.And, like him, she will not condone disobedience within the ranks, particularly when it comes to someone who crosses the family.

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Regarding her role in Lewandowski’s ouster, Ivanka told a friend, “He wasn’t up to the task that was coming and he did not know that.” She went on to add something that should be borne in mind by everyone who engages with her: “Obviously we don’t want people around who aren’t trustworthy. It is about trust.”Read As Ivanka took to the campaign trail in support of her father, she was joined by her half-sister, Tiffany, who appears to be a willing understudy to the older Ivanka’s style of family influence. “Ivanka has such a brand and a personality and consistency in her Instagram,” a friend of Tiffany’s told me.

Whereas Tiffany, who recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, “is jumping into this whole process with both feet.

Ivanka noted that Tiffany’s request came “not because she was spoiled” but because she was a teenager just trying to fit in with her peers at school.

Tiffany’s trepidation made Ivanka proud, she said, of the values that her father had instilled about money in “all of his children.” Donald Trump himself boasts about his money all the time.

But now, as the Republican convention and general election approached, Trump needed someone more professional, someone with more gravitas.

On the morning of June 20, after the regular Trump family meeting that occurred every Monday morning at , a security detail ushered Lewandowski out of Trump Tower.The scene takes place about eight years ago, when Tiffany, Donald Trump’s only child from his second marriage, sheepishly approached Ivanka, the only daughter from his first marriage, about a delicate matter.Because Tiffany and her mother, Marla Maples, lived in California, Tiffany grew up a continent away from her father.Tiffany had some “relatively simple money needs” to address, Ivanka recalled.She did not have access to a parental credit card, though many of her friends did.Ivanka did not personally deliver the news to Lewandowski, but “she closed the coffin on him,” one former campaign staff member told me.