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He was educated at home starting in the fourth grade when he learned to sing and play the guitar and piano.

In 2016, he voiced the role of Piers in the English dub of the animated French adventure film Snowtime!

The pilot was later picked up for a full season's production; the show debuted in December 2011, and was renewed for a second season in March 2012.

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In early 2011, Lynch was cast in the pilot for the Disney Channel sitcom Austin & Ally, playing the lead male role of Austin Moon, a teenage singer who becomes an overnight sensation after a music video featuring a performance by him is uploaded to the Internet.

He later forms a partnership with Ally, played by Laura Marano.

Ross and Maia dated in a MOVIE and ONLY in the movie.

No, he's not dating anybody, even though, I wish he was in love with Laura...

Marano will be judging Miss America along with Gabby Douglas, Ciara, Sara Foster, Cole Swindell, and former Miss America Sharle Wells Hawkes on Sunday, September 11. He says she gets “awkward” when people on set joke about their potential romantic relationship.” He added on that the two fight like an old married couple but “probably won’t date while they’re still working together.” Marano has denied ever dating Lynch— she’s revealed that it would never work out, as they work together professionally.

The magazine writes, “While he says they’re just good friends, Ross hints that Laura could have some feelings for him!

Am glad Ross don't have a girlfriend coz he's young and has is career in front of him well done Ross I love watching ally and Austin but still single coz ur future is looking bright and u dnt need a girl to bring u dwn x RUMOR is that he's possibly dating Australian model Courtney Eaton.

She was with him at Dancing With the Stars this past Monday night and also was at dinner with him and a few friends over the weekend.

He has never date(d) Maia, nor has he ever dated Laura behind the scenes.

Laura and him date on the SHOW and ONLY on the show.

The band's first full-length album, Louder, was released on September 24, 2013, and the album includes the four songs from Loud as well as seven new songs.