Who is salma hayek dating

Colin and Salma filmed steamy scenes together for their flick "Ask The Dust." Nothing ever came of the affair then, and then these two dated again in January 2009 when they allegedly locked lips backstage at the Golden Globes.

See more » Firewalker (Damelo Version) Written by Joseph Reina, Otto Granillo, Samual Halterman, Judson Mc Daniel, Sean Billings, Steve Haney , Alberto Lopez, and Samuel Robles and Craig Wedren Performed by Jungle Fire with Craig Wedren Courtesy of Nacional Records See more » Truly silly, but fully enjoyable, "How to Be a Latin Lover" hits all the right notes.

Eugenio Derbez plays a Mexican who marries a rich woman from Beverly Hills, only to get dumped years later with no money and no idea how to work.

She was sent to USA to attend Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau when she was just 12 years old.

She studied International Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

The next scene shows the father and his truck driving down a road to substantiate that fact.

However, when you look at the instruments, there are no amps being drawn, and the coolant temperature gauge is reading down below the lowest end of the cold range, indicating that the truck is not running, as hasn't been.

Dumped by his extremely rich 80-year-old wife for a younger boy-toy after twenty-five years of prosperous marriage, pampered, yet penniless gold-digger Maximo is forced to take matters into his own hands, perhaps for the very first time in his once luxurious life.

As a result, the ageing gigolo will have no other choice but to seek shelter with his estranged widowed sister Sara and his 10-year-old nephew Hugo, completely unprepared though for a rude awakening coupled with a big slice of real life on the side.

But once a seducer, always a seducer and as spoiled Maximo struggles to squeeze out one decent idea that would throw him back into the arms of yet another fabulously wealthy widow, a new opportunity will appear; one that includes a profitable first-rate tutorship in how to be the perfect Casanova.

The opening scene shows a picture of a young Maximo and his family standing together in front of a wall.

Despite being married for so many years, Hayek and her husband’s relationship is going pretty amazing.