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There is no such thing as winning someone over when you're a famous actor or singer.

And yet, time and time again, they all wind up dating the same people.

Everyone is well aware of Bloom's history with Miranda Kerr—they were married for three years and have an adorable son to prove it—but the rumor mill started flying that Orlando got prickly over a possible past with his ex and the "Love Yourself" singer.

As far as we know they just got a little cozy during a long-ago Victoria's Secret fashion show, but Bieber did post an ill-advised Instagram of Kerr (that he quickly deleted).

Leto briefly dated Scarlett Johansson in 2004, and although nothing was ever confirmed in the hard-and-fast sense, Scar Jo and JT were the subject of many a coupledom rumor.

And frankly, all of those pairings make perfect sense to us.From rock stars to models, to shipping heirs, here are just some of the men Paris dated before she wound up with her current fiance. Thanks to each and every one of you that helped make this year amazing.I love you so much and am forever grateful I hope to see you in 2018.We regular people are well aware of the love triangle, in which three people are romantically linked in some way or another, but when you go to the world's most exclusive surrogate high school, the geometry gets even more complicated.This love square revealed itself thanks to a very salacious evening outing in Ibiza, when Orlando Bloom may or may not have taken a swing at Justin Bieber.Screengrab from org Paris seemingly went through a Greek phase.