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She later leaves going back on her world-wide tour.

And whiles she's away Chase and Mia start to grow apart until Mia ends the relationship through a text message as she believes it's stupid to carry on it while they rarely see each other.

When Haley heard her play, she told Peyton that she should take her as her artist, and not Jason.Mia signed to Red Bedroom Records while the rest of the band left and she broke up with Jason.Cowell is the mastermind behind the whole project A source told the Daily Mirror: I came back to the thread today after my comments as a request to get some of the information already posted. In the 72 hours following the announcement, over half a million ticket requests were received.The Ross Sisters may not have had crazy adoring fans or cash, but that probably meant little to them.She dated Chase Adams for over two years, but ended their relationship after they lost contact with one another.

Mia was always interested in music, and when she was 8 years old she sang in the school choir alone, but was put off it by fellow student, Terry Adams.

Mia came to support Haley when Miranda Stone threaten to shut down Red Bedroom Records, threatening to quit if they did so.

She also goes to support boyfriend, Chase in his flying lessons while she's in town.

Mia returns to One Tree Hill after touring for a few months and is pressured by Peyton to produce a new album because the record company is on her back.

Mia finally produces her new album and falls for Chase Adams, Brooke's former high school lover.

Mia Catalano was a singer/songwriter based in Tree Hill who has released two best selling albums, Don't Look Away and A Fine Mess, through Peyton and Haley's record label Red Bedroom Records.