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Although your site may already be validated, we provide an interface for licenses management.

When a site is assigned to a license, you will see the ability to add a Development Environment.Technically speaking, this works exactly the same as production validation to ensure predictability between environments.Inside that dropdown click on the Licenses link: You can use the registration form to associate additional Envato Purchase codes with your account.This is optional, and useful if you want to verify licenses before they are used, but not required as licenses will be automatically verified when you enter them through the validation form in your Word Press dashboard.In this article we'll take some time to discuss product validation in X, Pro and the benefits that come along with it.

You do not need to validate your product in order to continue using it (will simply need to update the theme manually), however doing so will unlock many great features including automatic updates and access to Extensions. With regards to X, Pro and Cornerstone, product validation is the process by which a user confirms their purchase.This step involves being redirected to our community site and returned to your dashboard when the account is set up.If you were to enter an existing purchase code, the validator will check if your site is already assigned, or suggest what to do next.Each of the 3rd party plugins are available for purchase directly from the makers of those tools only if you want direct support from the product creators or access to premium resources they may make available to their customers (your X purchase code will not allow you to register for support from the creator of the plugin).Keep in mind you are not required to purchase a license as the tool is provided with your purchase and supported by Themeco.We do have ways of monitoring for abuse, and if licenses are used outside of this it would be a violation of their terms of use and ours.