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Things are slightly better on the Mac for crisis recovery. And, when those problems develop, they are on you, not on Apple.

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A public beta will launch later this month, and perhaps that version will be less buggy, but unless you've got spare gear. You can visit and find your model number to download the appropriate install file.Then you'll need to disable Find My i Phone, put your device into DFU mode, and queue up i Tunes on your Mac or PC to select "Restore and Update," installing the latest publicly available version of i OS. And if you do, I hope you've got good backups, and time on your hands for disaster recovery.Launched by pressing Win V (which will take some getting used to) this will let you paste items from your clipboard history, as well as pin the items you need regular access to.Copied items can be synced across devices too, although this feature is optional.To learn how to use Moonlight with VRidge - read about it in the We have implemented multi language support. Please follow this You will be prompted to install separate VRidge 2.0 application.

Google Play will install the VRidge 2.0 App on your phone after your acceptance.Registration will no longer be required to try VRidge! You will no longer need to restart VRidge endlessly to find most suitable settings.Just use LIVE streaming settings to optimize your VRidge experience (advanced live settings are also available).You can now mute web tabs, and tabs restore in the background and don’t use any resources until you switch to them.Other changes and fixes to Sets include: A big -- no huge -- addition to this build is the introduction of Cloud Clipboard, which was originally teased for inclusion in the April 2018 Update.We now have much better tools to integrate third party solutions. If you have a modern NVidia card you can use Moonlight streaming instead of VRidge. The installer is fairly easy to use and should get you up and running fast.