Parachat adult Wowstead guild roster not updating

Gameplay: Stuck on Honor level 1 KNOWN ISSUE: If your Honor level is not updating correctly, you should relog to the affected character(s) to update your Honor level.

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Aerie Peak / Bronzebeard Aggra / Grim Batol Aggramar / Hellscream Al' Akir / Skullcrusher / Xavius Alonsus / Anachronos / Kul Tiras Arathor / Hellfire Argent Dawn Aszune / Shadowsong Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar Azjol-Nerub / Quel' Thalas Azuremyst / Stormrage Blade's Edge / Eonar / Vek'nilash Bladefist / Frostwhisper / Zenedar Bloodfeather / Burning Steppes / Executus / Kor’gall / Shattered Hand Bloodhoof / Khadgar Bronze Dragonflight / Nordrassil Burning Blade / Drak’thul Burning Legion Chamber of Aspects Darkmoon Faire / Earthen Ring Darksorrow / Genjuros / Neptulon Darkspear / Saurfang / Terokkar Doomhammer / Turalyon Draenor Dragonblight / Ghostlands Dragonmaw / Haomarush / Spinebreaker / Stormreaver / Vashj Emerald Dream / Terenas Frostmane Kazzak Kilrogg / Nagrand / Runetotem Lightbringer / Mazrigos Magtheridon Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha'tar Outland Ragnaros Ravencrest Silvermoon Stormscale Sylvanas Tarren Mill / Dentarg The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade Thunderhorn / Wildhammer Twisting Nether The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives.

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