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ORIGINAL: There are many reports from around the globe tonight that confirm Instagram keeps crashing for a lot of users.Sites that track when a popular app is down are also backing up these reports, with many revealing large numbers of affected users. I haven't heard if it's affected i Phone.”There have been no new reports posted on Instagram's other social media accounts, so it’s currently unclear what could be causing tonight’s outage.

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The same problem was relayed to us by one of our readers, saying: Be sure to test your device after completing each of the subsequent steps to see if the problem is fixed. These are recommended methods to troubleshoot and fix issue on apps download or update with the i Phone 6s Plus based on the possible causes: Step 1. A simple restart often helps in resolving software-related issues including system glitches affecting apps downloads and updates on your i Phone.So if you haven’t done it yet, I strongly suggest rebooting your i Phone and retry downloading or updating apps afterwards. Verify date and time settings are properly configured or set automatically.In most cases, your Apple ID will be transferred between devices.But if you ever change email addresses, you'll want to be sure to update the address associated with your Apple ID to maintain control going forward.Incorrect date and time setting on the phone is also one factor that disallows apps download or update processes. Signing out and back in to the App Store can also help resolve similar issues.

The time and date on your i Phone should coincide with that of the server for proper syncing. Instead of doing the usual way of updating apps from your i Phone (via Wi-Fi), you may try using i Tunes to update the same apps or download other new apps you want. Follow these steps to sign out and back in to your App Store account: Step 5. If you are performing apps update or download directly through your i Phone using wireless connectivity, try to disconnect from and reconnect to your wireless network.As the outage hit Instagram users took to Twitter to voice their frustration at the outage. Which means right now, this second, no one is a model.”While another posted: “Had to check twitter to see if #instagram was down.Glad im not the only one.“And one added: “Is anyones instagram down at the moment to the point where you cant even open the app without it crashing?Instagram is down in other areas as well, with some users confirming that they can’t get past the login screen.“It's been down in Las Vegas for almost 4 hours now so hopefully by tomorrow it's up,” one user wrote. The official support site simply states that there are no known issues to report at this time, something that should change is the outage continues.Meanwhile, live outage maps run on sites like Down Detector show that Instagram is reportedly being hit with the most reports in the United States.This is likely due to it being 4am in the UK, and later in other parts of Europe, meaning less traffic on the regional servers.