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The promise of discreet relations lured thousands into infidelity.A multi-million dollar operation, it is likely that they had security measures in place.DCS is an IT Managed Service Provider to many small businesses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and along the East Coast. We are in a cycle of constant education, followed by application. You would likely install an alarm system, accompanied by a team of people who are constantly monitoring your home.

With security being a central focus for small businesses and Managed Service Providers alike, professionals need to be educated on security threats.

Cloud protection, authentication methods, viruses; the list is far too long to exhaust.

These are not the level of attacks the vast majority of business owners should be vigilant about.

The small business owner is not nearly as protected as an organization like Sony.

If you have ever read the book by world renowned hacker Kevin Mitnick, you are aware of just how crafty these perpetrators can be.

There is no question regarding the importance of security for large and mid-sized organizations.

Many efforts are made to notify clients and potential customers of dangers threatening them and their businesses.

Viruses and hacking methods are constantly evolving, so having a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and professional security is critical. Much like hackers whose tactics are always evolving, DCS stays moving forward.

Usually, the challenge C-level executives face is knowing what to do about it.

The amount of risk each business is willing to tolerate is a decision each owner must measure.

Hackers are highly adept at getting past security and firewalls. With many manipulative tactics at their disposal, hackers exercise tact and patience.