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As modern technology advances Wi-Fi (wireless signal) has replaced the need for these cables but they are still used.Setting up an FTP connection is easy, simply connect the Xbox and your computer/device to your the same router.

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Then the only wired connection necessary is the Xbox to the modem/router.

(Internet is not required to FTP/transfer files)Option #3 - Direct Connection, Xbox to Computer via Crossover Cable: A crossover cable or system link cable is used to make a direct connection from computer to Xbox.

Step 5: Get online and install the updates You can now restore your internet connection.

You can do this by connecting the Ethernet cable back into your console if you are using a wired connection.

Emulators, ROMs, Play Import Games, Play Backup Games and XBMC to stream multimedia to your TV. To network (FTP) into your Xbox you will need a computer or i OS device see (option #5).

There are several ways to transfer files such as Emulators, ROMs and homebrew apps to the original Xbox. We show several ways to transfer files to the Xbox starting with the simplest.A crossover cable can also be used from Xbox to Xbox to transfer files or to play multi-player system-link Xbox games (Internet is not required to FTP/transfer files)Option #4 - Make a Disc: You may be able to create a disc with the files you want to transfer.The Xbox is capable of ripping files from the disc to the hard drive.Welcome to the Original Xbox Softmod Kit tutorial, below is a video and a written tutorial on installing the softmod.After you complete the original Xbox softmod you'll be able to start customizing and take advantage of the Xbox Softmod Features i.e.Transferring files is everything, there's no need to install a homebrew app, once it's transferred it automatically installs as well.