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You say that’s the Kindle native format, which is great since I have both a Kindle reader and a Kindle reading application on my smartphone.

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You can test your app for compatibility before submitting it to the Amazon Appstore using our App Testing Service and quickly distribute your app on the Amazon Appstore to a predefined set of testers using Live App Testing.

Leo, I bought one of your books and I see that I can download the book in format from you.

With the Amazon Fling SDK, you can build rich multi-screen experiences with Amazon Fire TV.

Build mapping functionality directly into your app to create a deeper, more integrated experience for your users with the Amazon Maps API.

The other approach is relatively simple, but in my experience a tad less reliable.

Connect your Kindle device to your PC using a USB cable.

Programmatically manage your Android app catalog by creating and updating apps with the Developer Publishing API.

From drag-and-drop submission testing to previewing your app on simulated devices, get the tools you need to build apps and games better and faster.

Leverage Amazon Device Messaging to send push notifications, like breaking news, to your customers and reduce registration friction for your customers with Login with Amazon.

Offer rich and immersive app experiences to delight your users.

After it has been copied safely disconnect your Kindle and the book should appear on the device’s list of books.