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Keep an eye out for anything unique or exciting you could use on a future date.

Do they have a close knit group of friends, or are they a social butterfly?Take a peek at your dating partner’s career history by having a browse of their Linked In profile.Some people say actions speak louder than words, which can be true if you’re partial to a big romantic gesture.But the fact is most of us rely on words to convey how we feel, which makes our choice of words crucial; very few of us are the ‘strong, silent type’ in real life.If you have to make a final decision then be direct and show you’re willing to take the lead.

The most important thing is you’re making time to see each other and even if you make a bad choice, bad restaurants make for good dating stories.Telling someone how you feel about them is never easy, so even though this is vague, you get props for trying.However if you genuinely like someone, there will be a whole host of specific things you really like and sharing these will show your date you’ve really thought about it.When you’re complimenting someone physically, don’t go for a tired old generic flattering remark.Learn the best ways to approach women from our expert tips and advice, become a Match Hero and earn your Match Badge!This is basic, and you’ve probably already done it, but it’s usually worth taking a closer look.