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Zoe, on the other hand, was not so amused with Wade, and even called him "the most irresponsible person I've ever met" after he disappeared while supposed to be working with her on getting Lavon's float ready for the Founder's Day Parade.A frustrated Zoe lit into Wade, freaking out, until Wade stopped her short with a kiss, which Zoe responded to before pulling away suddenly.During the final event, Wade attempts to confess his feelings to Zoe, but the pair is interrupted by Rose Hattenbarger. When Lavon breaks the news to Wade that Zoe has plans to leave without telling Wade, his face falls, though he doesn't say a word.

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However, she later found out that Wade's father, Crazy Earl was the town drunk, whom Wade looked out for, and dutifully helped down from the top of the hardware store from which he threatened to jump each month.(Faith & Infidelity) Gradually, Zoe became less hostile toward Wade and their relationship continued to evolve, and became a genuine kind of friendship.

When Zoe 's latest crush, Judson, slept with her best friend, Gigi, bringing an abrupt halt to their relationship, Wade was relieved to hear that Zoe hadn't thought she and Judson were meant to be, and was even able to cheer Zoe up about the situation (Homecoming & Coming Home).

She has been in four celebrity relationships averaging approximately 4.5 years each.

She lived near Wade's home, the gatehouse, just across the pond on that plantation.

Later, after the Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant, Wade asks Zoe out for a drink at the Rammer Jammer , to which Zoe smiles and asks for a raincheck.

(Hairdos & Holidays) When Zoe begins acting strangely, as well as strangely happy, the whole town is abuzz with curiosity- and Wade is no exception.When Tansy finally convinces Wade to ask Zoe to be his partner for the Bluebell Battle, Zoe thinks his apology and request are some kind of joke. During the Battle, she vaguely asks Wade about her situation with George, however Wade misunderstands and believes Zoe may be returning his interest. " - Wade Kinsella (The Race & The Relationship) Zoe is later chided by Lavon, because he had told her about Wade's feelings, and to be careful with how she handled it.Excited by this, and by the way he and Zoe are connecting and getting along during the battle , Wade cancels his plans with Tansy. And you are..are so obsessed with getting what you want, you don't care who you hurt along the way. George Tucker and Lemon Breeland are getting married. Feeling outcast with Lavon and Wade angry at her, Rose in the hospital, and George back together with Lemon, Zoe makes the decision to leave Bluebell . It began sprouting wings on Zoe's very first day in Bluebell, when she moved into the carriage house on the Mayor's Plantation.They are portrayed by Rachel Bilson and Wilson Bethel.She later confronts Wade , asking if that was what he really thought of her.