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Consistent use helps transform amateurs into professionals and professionals into true artists.

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Propel yourself to the top of the class or into the next level of your dancing journey!

This turning board can give you a powerful advantage.

Turning boards teach the body to control multiple, fast turns with improved spotting.

Turning is made easier thanks to the board’s smooth nylon surface.

Dancers who truly master their craft must first spend years improving their coordination, strength, and flexibility.

The right training equipment makes a powerful difference in developing proper technique.

Improve your strength, grace, and overall athleticism.

With the Balletboard, you’ll have a training partner as dedicated as you are.

The subtle curve of the turn board allows dancers to turn flat-footed without having to be on pointe.

This shifts focus to arm positioning and spotting while also improving overall muscle memory.

However, much like ballet, the beauty in the board lies behind a deceptive simplicity. Turning is made easier which allows you to concentrate on other techniques.