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Our law enforcement positions are eligible for the Police Office Retirement Systems (PORS) and our non-law enforcement positions are eligible for either the SC Retirement Systems (SCRS) or the State Optional Retirement Program (ORP).

Please visit PEBA Retirement Benefits for more information.

OSS do not perform face to face contacts with offenders in the field, do not issue or serve legal process and do not transport offenders.

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The monitoring duties conducted by OSS staff consists of the review of supervision reports, financial reports and arrest records.

OSS staff are not assigned high level or sex offender cases.

Additionally, applicants: Upon a conditional offer of employment, an applicant must undergo a screening for illicit drugs a physical examination, and a psychological screening.

To Apply: Applicants interested in applying for any position at SCDPPPS should first complete the State Application online at

However, a competitive pool should reflect racial and gender diversity.

Recruitment efforts will include sources or means by which this diversity can be achieved. Employee Benefits: All employees are eligible to enroll in the SC State Retirement System.In 2017 SCDPPPS was granted statutory authorization to hire a new staff position for which members of the public may apply.Offender Supervision Specialists (OSS), are non-Class 1 staff members who monitor low level offenders for a team of Class 1 certified Agents and handle non-law enforcement duties associated with these offenders.Back to SCDE Grant Opportunities The information below provides potential applicants to view the previous year's grant opportunities to use during the development and planning process. 450b)); another public or private entity; or a consortium of two or more such agencies, organizations, or entities.Note: the applicant Single public school districts; individual public schools, private schools, or charter schools; community-based organizations; faith-based organizations; Indian tribe or tribal organization (as such terms are defined in Section 4 of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Act (25 U. Employees can also contribute to a 401(k) or 457(b) plan through the SC Deferred Compensation Program.