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One day in mid-August of this year, Myrna suggested that the recent news of Heather’s long-awaited pregnancy warranted a quilt. Susan immediately said to count her in, although she hadn’t done any needlework since she was a teenage (only a few years ago! Just that quickly, a matter of minutes, the idea of a quilt for Heather had become a concept.Volunteers A successful organizer needs motivated volunteers.I explained the first step is to decide on a theme. Since the original idea was Myrna’s, I ran the animal theme by her, and she quickly concurred.

Susan suggested that several of our colleagues might want to participate, as they would be easily motivated by the imminent arrival of Heather’s baby, and the desire to deliver the quilt to Heather, before Heather delivered the baby! The Theme Later that day, my head did the math and realized that if we wanted to give Heather a finished quilt by the time her baby was due in early December, we needed to start immediately.I expressed my concern to Susan, and she asked about what making a quilt entails.The quilt was done in pinks, maroons, creams and whites with a few breast cancer prints thrown in.Ronna plans to give it to Tara this month in celebration of Tara’s birthday. I felt that the quilt needed something special in the center of the breast cancer ribbon loop.I made sure that before anyone committed, each potential volunteer knew that the delivery date for their ‘stitched fabric panel’ was firm and fixed, no exceptions.

Otherwise, I would not be able to create the overall quilt design and assembly by the party date that everyone had agreed was the goal.

This is my sister June’s story of Quilting Architecture & Project Management Quilters, like engineers, architects, artists, writers, chefs and other creative types, know that creating something of beauty brings joy to their world.

Creations are composed of a piece of the life of the creator, bringing the creator satisfaction of achievement.

She related to me that she recently moved back to the states because her younger sister, Tara, had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she wanted to be closer to her sister and her family. I have seen several patterns for breast cancer quilts, but none of them were exactly right for what I had in mind.

So I got out my engineering paper, and after about 8 or 10 iterations, came up with my own design.

The Project The belief that working with others in a creative endeavor, congenially and supportively, while accepting each member’s talents and abilities as they are, creates lifetime bonds more meaningful than the creation itself, motivated me to take on the organization and management of my colleagues’ creative project for our mutual friend, Heather.