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After completing your Badoo registration, you are now ready to sign in to the chat and social network and begin meeting new dates and friends.

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Whether you are using the site to meet new friends or dates, the most successful members have found a complete profile with photos, interests, and information about yourself will increase the likelihood of meeting someone new.

Your Badoo profile (mine is illustrated above) is accessible through the avatar icon located in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

If you sign up for a Yandex account in Russia, another user in Kazakhstan, Belarus, or Ukraine will not be able to clone your mailbox with the same login.

If you want to send a message to a recipient from an email address you have on another service (such as Gmail or, then enter that email address on the Email addresses page and confirm that you have access to it.

" Click or tap the link to get started, but be forewarned — you must purchase a gift using credits in order to chat, unless someone has already sent you a message in which case you can chat for free.

Alternately, on a computer you can leave a secret comment for free by clicking the "Leave a Comment" button and following the prompts.

These addresses are the aliases of your primary email address.

Aliases are necessary in order to ensure that your username belongs exclusively to you.

Currently ranked #43 on Alexa’s top global websites list (just behind is an Internet giant most Americans have likely never heard of.

is a true digital conglomerate and one of the largest companies in Russia. Pretty impressive considering how focused they are on one country (albeit a very big country).

To start a new chat with a Badoo contact, locate the text that says "Chat to him (or her) now!