Updating xm icons for avic z1

As I mention in my book, you can play an i Pod through a car stereo in a few ways: through an FM transmitter (yuck -- this is how I suffered for the last few years); through a cassette adaptor (only slightly better; still a big compromise in sound quality); by connecting the i Pod's audio output to a system equipped with an audio input jack (much better); or by using an car audio system that has an i Pod-specific interface. i Pod interfaces provide a standard dock connector that plugs into the bottom of the i Pod, keeping the i Pod charged while the ignition is on.

Yesterday, I introduced my new passenger: Pioneer's AVIC-Z1 car stereo, video player, and navigation system.

Let's take a closer look at the Z1's i Pod interface.

It'll Cost You A growing number of i Pod car-integration options is available.

The Pioneer Z1 doesn't come factory-equipped with an i Pod interface; after all, it has a 30GB hard drive, 10GB of which can hold songs you rip from the Z1's internal optical drive.

What Your Two Grand Buys What do you get for 50? It also holds the entire Gracenote CDDB database: when you insert an audio CD, the display shows the CD's artist and track information.

(Updates are available twice a year: you download the update, burn it to a CD, then insert it in the Z1's drive.)Over the next week or so, I'll be reporting on my experiences with this spectacular toy.

Pioneer's AVIC-N3 further improves your driving experience with a multitudeof advanced features.

The unit keeps drivers better informed — and entertained — with detailed map information for wider area, intuitive touch panel operation, GUI with improved visibility, and CD and/or DVD playback.

Then I moaned that my in-trunk CD changer held just six discs.

Now I gripe because it might take me all of 15 seconds to find a song out of the thousands that sit in my glove box. I drive to the Bay Area a lot, and I know its roads just well enough to get myself thoroughly lost now and then.

I had the installer do some customizations that will give me some cool capabilities.