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"This is the ultimate Shoxton Eurotrash anthem: a scinitillating exchange between two useless art fags trying to outdo each other with absurd statements, set to Nitzer Ebbish new beat.

You're so speaking my language, boyz." "Munchausen syndrome is the term given to describe 'factitious disorders' the condition when a person feigns or induces an illness, and it's a perfect title for No Bra's call and response epic tale of Top Shop, syphilis, David Blaine and 14 inch cocks (not in that order). Priceless lines include: "I caught syphilis once in Top Shop", "I organised a radical picnic with Kathleen Hanna", "Ethiopians are like Germans dipped in chocolate", "My uncle designed the anal staircase", and the classic "I was cremated once". I THINK I WAS PASSING THROUGH ON MY WAY TO OLYMPIA TO BECOME A RIOT GRRRL. I ALMOST OPENED A GALLERY THERE ONCE WITH ELLEN VON UNWERTH. I ALMOST ORGANIZED A RADICAL PICNIC WITH KATHLEEN HANNAH. I USED TO SHARE A SQUAT WITH NINA HAGEN IN CAMDEN, AND SHE USED TO MAKE PIZZA OUT OF DEAD CATS. MEN 21/04/2011: GLU release party, Tammany Hall, New York 02/07/2011: Licker License, Glasslands, Brooklyn 06/07/2011: Blackout Bar, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 13/07/2011: Cooper Square Hotel, New York 09/08/2011: Home Sweet Home, New York 16/08/2011: Home Sweet Home, New York, w. the Raincoats 23/09/2011: Santo's Party House 06/11/2011: Americanos Latinos Unidos, Brooklyn 15/11/2011: Home Sweet Home, New York 25/11/2011: Cité de la Musique, Paris 25/11/2011: Barbiturix After Party, Paris 26/11/2011: Berghain Kantine, Berlin 01/12/2011: Toilet Club, Milan 02/12/2011: Club Motherfucker, Corsica Studios, London 07/12/2011: Shade on Wednesdays, Flamingo, Berlin 10/12/2011: Old Blue Last, London 23/12/2011: Santa's Party House, NYC 2010 06/03/2010: China Chalet, New York 16/03/2010: Glasslands, Brooklyn 28/03/2010: Pianos, NYC 10/04/2010: 93 Feet East, London 21/04/2010: Puregroove Smithfields, London 08/05/2010: Crackbaby @ Monster Ronson, Berlin 11/06/2010: Tribeca Grand, New York 15/06/2010: Santa's Party House, New York 25/06/2010: Knitting Factory, Brooklyn 24/07/2010: 1234 Festival, Shoreditch 26/07/2010: Bruar Falls, Brooklyn 14/08/2010: Koncerthuset, Store Foyerscene, w. TV Baby and Hussle Club, NYC 21/09/2010: Santa's Party House, NYC 31/10/2010: Santa's Party House, NYC 31/10/2010: Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn 13/11/2010: Show Cave, Los Angeles 15/11/2010: Moustache Mondays, Los Angeles 20/11/2010: Mo Ma Raincoats, New York 07/12/2010: Home Sweet Home, New York 09/12/2010: Nachtmusik, San Francisco 10/12/2010: Living Arts Centre SF, San Francisco 2009 04/01/2009: Brave Exhibitions @ Old Blue Last, London 25/01/2009: PORK @ Ficken 3000, Berlin 21/02/2009: Skull, Athens 12/03/2009: The Star Bethnal Green, London 15/03/2009: Legion, London 03/20/2009: The Victoria, London 03/27/2009: Worship @ Shoreditch Church 04/19/2009: Maggot 2, London 05/01/2009: Ruff Club @ Annex 05/06/2009: PA Theatre of Living Arts w. Skint 24/02/2011: Dixon's Place, Chrystie St, New York 11/03/2011: Deutsche Bank Towers, Frankfurt w. TV Baby, Beast Up 07/04/2011: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, w. Lafawndah, TIgga Calore, Sadaf 03/21/2015: The Spectrum, Brooklyn 04/18/2015: Power Lunches London 05/11/2015: Nan Goldin/Artists Space event at Ukrainian National Home NYC 06/20/2015: F. Dj sets by Arca, Larry B., Zezi Ifore 06/25/2014: Body Actualized Center, Brooklyn 06/30/2014: Mustache, La Cita, Los Angeles 07/02/2014: Hyperion Tavern, Los Angeles 07/18/2014: Master Jays, Philadelphia 09/17/2014: Future Feminism, The Hole Gallery NYC 09/25/2014: Ace Hotel London 09/28/2014: Mad Energy, Power Lunches, London 11/13/2014: MIX HIVE, 337 Butler St, Brooklyn 2013 01/31/2013: Santo's Party House NYC w.

Savages 03/05/2015: Palisades, Brooklyn 03/20/2015: Palisades Brooklyn w. Karen Black 03/17/2014: Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn 03/23/2014: De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam 04/24/2014: Vogue Fabrics, London w. I'M GONNA THROW CHAIRS AROUND AND THEN I'M GONNA THROW MYSELF AROUND AND THEN I'M GONNA CUT MYSELF 23 TIMES. THE GOSSIP 04/09/09: URA Istanbul 07/09/07: Academy Birmingham w. 23/9/05: The Machine Room, 82 Queensland Road, Holloway, with Victim, Country Teasers 24/9/05: T Bar, Shoreditch High Street, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" 29/9/05: Public Life with Thieves Like Us, 82 Commercial Street, Spitalfields 8/10/05: Safari, Great Eastern Hotel 11/10/05: Ziegfrid Hoxton Square, Residence Gallery's "Last Chance Cafe" after party 15/10/05: Kashpoint, KOKO, Camden High Street 30/10/05: Pound Shop, Hoxton Bar and Grill 23/11/05: Mutiny, The Black Horse, 168 Mile End Road, Whitechapel 10/12/05: Hernoise exhibition South London Gallery, with Kim Gordon and others. Patrick Wolf 09/06/07: Ladyfest, Copenhagen 14/06/07: Barden's Boudoir, London 20/06/07: Berlin Hilton, Berlin 21/06/07: Catch 22, London 25/06/07: UEA Norwich w. THE GOSSIP 10/07/07: G'n'D London Slava Mogutin/Brian Kenny aftershow 11/07/07: Rock City Nottingham w. Selfish Cunt, Some Product @ On the Rocks 2005 23/7/05: Ye Olde Axe Stripclub, 69 Hackney Road 9/8/05: Comanechi record release party, White Heat, Madame Jojo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, Soho 18/8/05: On the Rocks, 25 Kingsland Road 19/8/05: The Cock, 1 Falconberg Court, Soho 22/8/05: Gauche Chic, Ghetto 1/9/05: Electrogogo, Madame Jojo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, Soho 15/9/05: Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, Resonance FM night 16/9/05: Barfly Camden, 49 Chalk Farm Road 17/9/05: Super Blow, Kemistry Gallery, 43 Charlotte Rd.Slava Mogutin Reedition Magazine Lotta Volkova and Jurgen Teller Reedition Magazine 2 Reedition Magazine 3 Man About Town No Bra and Wolfgang Tillmans Man About Town No Bra and Wolfgang Tillmans 2 Bulletmedia i-D magazine Hood By Air and Matthew Stone Artforum Top Rank Magazine by Rachel Nave Dec 12th 2017: If you want to order a No Bra t-shirt with 10" cock (covered here for instagram censorship purposes), please email [email protected], they are /£25 and come in S/M/L/XL for men and women! THE NEW GIRLS ARE IN TOWN THEY ARRIVE AT THE STATION TALL AND BEAUTIFUL SHAVED NECKS LIKE THEIR FATHERS THERY’RE EVERY WOMAN’S DREAM THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN EVERY DAY © BY NO BRA DATE WITH THE DEVIL ON A DATE WITH THE DEVIL THE DEVIL ASKED ME SING ME ONE OF YOUR SONGS I SAID WELL THEY'RE NOT REALLY SONGS MORE LIKE SHOUTING THE DEVIL SAID NEVER MIND ILL FUCK YOU ANYWAY DID YOU GO TO DRAMA SCHOOL? no bra instagram Nov 30th 2017: Listen to my DJ mix i played live on NTS radio the other day here: nts radio July 29th 2015: Here's a link to the NTS radio NYC takeover show i did with Venus X and Bunny Michael a few weeks back: Oct 28th 2014: Check out No Bra featuring on the new Mykki Blanco album: December 2nd 2010: with the Raincoats and Kathleen Hanna at Mo Ma, performing "vindictive" by the Slits: pitchfork October 4th 2010 check out the no bra track on Milo's "big pink tapes", out on ! WELL SO DID I IT WAS REALLY BAD I JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY WOMEN OH I JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY ANY WOMEN IT WAS A MATCH MADE IN HELL!!! k7 records on october 18th Big Pink Tapes SHOWSTUDIO SHOOT NO BRA LIVE AT SWAY January 12th 2010 The new no bra single "Minger/New Hero", with remixes by TV Baby and These New Puritans, will be released on i-tunes on February 15th! ON A DATE WITH THE DEVIL THE DEVIL SAID I CAN’T PLAY CHORDS AND I DON’T BUY RECORDS IT GOES AGAINST MY PRINCIPLES BUT I’VE BECOME A FAN OF YOUR BAND I’VE DOWNLOADED 10 SONGS OFF THE INTERNET AND I SAID OH REALLY IS THAT SO I’VE HAD 9 THOUGHTS ABOUT TEMPTATION NO REALLY I’M JUST TALKING LET’S FIND A PROSTITUTE AND THE DEVIL SAID I’M TEMPTED TO SAY IM NOT CUT OUT FOR SUCH THINGS I LIKE TEMPTING PEOPLE IT MAKES ME FEEL IMPORTANT IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE SOMETHING TO DO I SAID I UNDERSTAND YOUR AMBITION IT’S BETTER THAN DATING A RICH PERSON WITH LOTS OF MONEY WHO GIVES YOU FREE COKE AND YOU DON’T EVEN FANCY ME THE DEVIL SAID I DON’T KNOW IVE LOST MY ABILITY TO JUDGE I BELIEVE IN ANYTHING NOWADAYS AND I THOUGHT HE’S PROBABLY RIGHT HOW EASILY DO I FALL FOR HIM HOW EASILY DO I FALL FOR SOMEONE LIKE THE DEVIL SEE HOW LONG HE CAN HOLD MY INTEREST IT WAS A MATCH MADE IN HELL!!